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UDC-B Series

Optimize viewing experience with the dynamic Samsung UDC-B Series displays

Reliable yet price-competitive, Samsung's robust UDC-B LFD Series displays enable businesses to convey their messages through superb picture quality and vivid color accuracy, 24/7.

People who need

  • An affordable solution for the seamless display of video content
  • Consistently excellent color fidelity across all display units
  • Minimal loss or disruption on displayed content

Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefit
Full HD resolution for all display units Advanced color management technology results in excellent color fidelity
Super narrower bezel (5.5mm) Maximizes display effectiveness while minimizing viewing distractions
  • Backlight dimming
  • Direct LED (d-LED) BLU (backlight unit)
Provides more vivid color expression and reduces power consumption
Auto source-switching and recovery Automatically changes the display from one content source to another when the original source fails
Pivot/Image rotation function Display content vertically or horizontally, eliminating image distortion in portrait or landscape mode

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