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Solar Street Light

SL46B Series

High-quality, outdoor screens for dramatic impact

The Samsung SL46B is the ideal solution for displaying your messages in most window display environments. With flexible and dynamic features, you can promote all the latest retail offers.

People who need

  • LFDs with high-brightness, high-contrast screens
  • Increased durability for harsh outdoor conditions

Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefit
Super-high brightness (1500 cd/m2) Provides excellent visibility even under the brightest lighting conditions
Designed for 24/7 operation Communicate to customers 24/7 with increased durability and reliability
Sunglass-free (Polarized sunglasses-compatible screen coating) Optimize outdoor implementation by making screen images visible even when wearing polarized sunglasses
Built-in speaker Maximize impact by pairing HD images that with ultra-crisp audio
Optional Slide-in-Module (SIM) Streamline repairs with easy to access processor, eliminating the need to dismount the unit from the wall