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MEC Series

Convey business messages clearly with a brilliant, eco-friendly display

With its slim design and impressive list of built-in features, this all-in-one display solution is ideal for any efficient business environment.

People who need

  • A cost-effective display solution
  • A slimmer, lighter product to maximize space efficiency
  • Enhanced content/viewer interaction
  • Effective information delivery with increased brightness

Features and Benefits

Key Features Benefit
Edge-LED technology Reduces power consumption and heat emissions with slim, light-weight design
Samsung Smart Signage Platform (Dual core)
MagicInfo Premium S (Embedded media player)
Eliminates the need for additional hardware and software, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
Enhances hardware and software manageability
Image rotation Switch image orientation from portrait to landscape for greater display flexibility
Compatible with protection glass overlay Protect display from hazardous objects and dust with protection glass option
Touch module overlay option Enabling users to interact with content with dynamic touch solution

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