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DVR Systems

DVR provides remote electronic surveillance of prime target areas throughout your premises. Permanent 24-hours security protection, with no staff overheads. As a powerful tool for the security guards, often reducing their numbers, DVR systems provide greater security cover. DVR systems have a powerful deterrence capability and provide extensive data of recorded images for post event analysis.

You can not be Everywhere, Every-time but this system can be

We have gathered lots of data and information from many businessmen and professionals and concluded that this system is answer to many of their daily problems and a best solution for security.

Benefit by Installing at Home / Residence

  • No Burglar or Thief would dare break in to your place. Because they don't steal to get trapped. They would better look for thousand other houses where such systems are not installed.
  • Who comes In and Out in your absence when you have left home alone with servants / caretaker?
  • Check from your workplace through Internet what's going on in your home or property.
  • When other Alarm system fails but Video Surveillance surely takes recording of all the activities.
  • Once installed it hardly needs any maintenance except cleaning dust out of cameras.

Benefit by Installing at Workplace

  • Avoid theft and deter mischief.
  • 100% Success Rate for Improving Employee Efficiency and Improving Work Quality.
  • Get the same performance from workers / employees even in your absence. Because the Recording shall say the truth.
  • Stop getting wrong excuses from workers for not getting the work done.
  • Keep watch on all In-Out of Goods/ human/ vehicles.
  • Monitor your work-place from any part of world.

Video Surveillance is changing the way companies do business and helping them become more cost conscious and cost efficient. the days of a security guard sitting in an office, behind closed doors, monitoring a site location for internal and external theft are gone.

Video Surveillance is being used more and more as a management tool for addressing everything from customer service to customer reactions, to new displays and to site cleanliness.

The benefits gained by installing video surveillance can quickly justify the system's cost. a video surveillance system can help reduce this loss, financially justify the investment and increase long-term net profit.

There are five motivators in which most camera purchases can be categorized: security, liability, service, operations and marketing. purchasing closed circuit television can vary from organization to organization based on individual needs. security encompasses one of the larger areas that can address business and employee safety issues such as vandalism, burglary, robbery and assault. security can also include cash, merchandise and inventory shrinkage in areas such as employee theft, shoplifting and vendor theft.

However, the motivation for investing in video surveillance continues to grow. like any form of security, the presence of a video surveillance system can help in deterring theft or vandalism, ultimately offering a fast return on investment.